Thursday, May 7, 2009

... how not to shoot your dog.

Okay, let me start out this entry by saying Matt does a lot of things well. He cooks. He cleans. He can totally repair the wiring. He works on Nuclear Submarines for crying out loud...

However, do not ask him to stack a dog so I can take photos of him or her. Forget it. It simply does not happen, and the dogs either look like I've popped them up there for nefarious purposes of Corgi-sacrifice or they manage to look like an episode of "What Not To Handle Like," which is the Dog Show Take on "What Not To Wear."

This is why Matt NEVER showed with me with the Shepherds. Ever. Hhahah, Ali was like, "Yeah mom, I stack for you, but the Turkey Guy there? He just hands it out for sitting here. Lemme see how this is going down. Turkey for Work... or Turkey for Free. F- the establishment! Free Turkey and Free Love all the way!"

... apparently, the boys are taking this cue from Ali in Doggie Heaven. Matt approaches them and they turn into flopping, sitting, wiggling idiots when he has turkey because he hands it out like strawberry Mentos.

(Note: I did say, "Honey, just here, hold it, and stretch it and... oh, never mind.")

I swear to someone, Ali's laughing her butt off at me from up there today. Now, the problem is, I can't put the dogs on the table, stand back and feel safe about getting the shot yet, rather not have a leap and a fall, thanks. Matt can't work my camera, so that's a laugh and a half - I have a bunch of shots he took with an EAR in them. Or a leg. Hahaha, no. So here, I offer you the most awful shots of my two dogs EVER taken, good lord, I'm embarrassed to show them.

Oh well. I'm hoping to look back on this and laugh in a few weeks. I literally got the table the other day, and only used it to dry Caleb and Riley after a bath.

(Sadly, that one of Caleb's front is me holding turkey and shooting the d--- camera from the hip. Hahahah, crud. Note: There's four pictures today because work has sucked sucktastically, and I have not had a sideways breath to do much camera work. The last day we went hiking, it was pouring yet again, and dummy here forgot her camera anyway. Boo, hiss. What a week, rar. On a high note, my blower is awesome, I love it, I love it, and it works great for getting cats off the kitchen counter. Don't ask, but it was downright hilarious.

Also, I want Mentos now. Sigh. Mixed fruit ones, though. I've not had candy in two weeks.)

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dreameyce said...

You should borrow Dea! About every 10th picture, there's a whole dog in the frame... though it's usually diagonal ;)

Thinking about it, it'd be funny to give Dea my old DSLR camera, and let her snap pics. I'm curious how she'd do with it! She has her own little kodak P&S she takes everywhere, for things like feet pics, and pics of random trash on the ground. You know, things that are important to 4 year olds!