Monday, May 18, 2009

Lazy mare, busy dogs!

Let's see - the net's been out for two days here. Go embarq - I guess it was ALL of Washington State, and it took them 48 plus hours to restore it. Bah. I hate them, I miss my earthlink. :/ So, a quick recapper of my day here.

Hahah, this is why I didn't end up riding today. Got to the barn, and my mare was taking a contented snooze. I walked over, asked, "Wanna go on the trail?" and she looked at me and flopped over flat. Cracked me up.

... that would be a "no thanks, maybe later."

Hey, I have days like that too, so I can relate. So instead, we just hung out and watched the world go by.

(Also, she's talented! She can eat grass and nap at the same time. If that's not lazy to an art form, right there... XD)

So, then, took the dogs up on a different back trail instead.

Hasn't he got the prettiest head? I love his head. Of course, the rabbit we walked by sat and just rolled his eyes. My crew didn't even notice him - I snapped a few shots of the rabbit lazily hopping off. For a wild rabbit, he was pretty like, "Whatever," to the dogs. He knew he had it made.

Then we got three miles up and someone realized that um, they had to WALK home. Caleb voiced his woe. Woe. Woe. Woe. So sad, poor little buttercup.

Simon totally can vault that stream like no one's business. Let's just say Riley and Caleb, not so much. Needless to say, yay, more baths, the minute we got home. Sigh. It's all fun and games until I get out the shampoo. ;)


Dune Cardigans said...

Your mare has a gorgeous face! And it looks like Simon has a waist again... he has been having lots of fun! I think he may have been a track star in another life... that is a clean jump!
Love your blog.

Shep said...

Oh, thank you! I love her, she's a great horse, man, just sweet as pie and good natured and easy going.

Yup, we've been really working on Simon's waist, I don't think we have too much farther to go, a little more tone, but he's getting washboard abs, ha! I really would like to get him in the ring soon. Reminds me, I need to track down a handler. ;)

Man, he is athletic, though - he takes things in excess (that jump wasn't quite needed for that stream, everyone else just plowed through it) but he loves to run. I keep thinking he might do well in agility later. He's pretty sharp!

Aw, I always love seeing your updates as well! ;) You need to do more, in all your busy time! *grin*

Those babies are growing, too, looking good!

CorgiCapers said...

the imagination and creativity...
where have you been
my whole life :)

love your blog(s)

any chance you have a photo of a corgi (pembroke or cardigan)
in steel-toed boots ;)

Shep said...

Hahah, Hi, CC! :D I didn't know you were around here! :D Nice to see you!

Nah, none in steel toed boots. I suppose I could stuff Caleb into Matt's boots, but I think neither of them would be impressed with me over it. *grin* Simon would probably eat the shoelaces, though...