Sunday, November 15, 2009

Show weekends...

My hand is finally feeling like an actual hand as of today, thank goodness. So behind on art, argh. I'm still debating what to do with Tristan the Terrible. So far my choices have not been appreciated; as in I need a winter hat and a set of earmuffs. But it's healing nicely - it's weird - I've been bit a LOT by cats and never had this problem before, but guess I was due.

(I better turn into a were cat or something for all this trouble. By day, I'm a mild mannered dog food retailer, by night, a furniture destroying, Corgi pouncing ball of furry evil.)

Met a bunch of new wonderful people at the show today -- aw, hi everyone I didn't get to say hi to for too long (I saw a whisk of Kim, I did, and drooled over her wonderful jacket but didn't get to say it.) Caleb says he totally appreciated the snuggles and the scratchies from his admirers who know exactly how to skritch a Cardi!

Kim and Yolanda already wrote it better than me on their blogs (Including Dash's amazing Conformationagility combo moment, wow!) so I'll just say that Dayl called me yesterday to say Caleb won BOW on Sat, and I was floored. In fact, I think I squealed and went running through the shop for a few minutes. At least I own a pet supply store; dog people can sort of relate to you doing that. Actually, I'm pretty sure I was frapping. <3 A major!

However... I know I make a lot of fun of him (since the Stripey Chompy Spazoid Noodlehead is my dog, I can do that) but there's nothing sweeter then coming home Sunday night and him creeping into my lap on the ferry and giving me the "I adore you and I missed you so much" face. I even accept that for that half a minute, he might have really meant it, and not because I had a peach scone in my hand that I was wolfing down on the way home.

No worries, we all shared. <3

Simon says he liked the eggnog one better, himself.

However, we're home... and Caleb has ensconced himself onto the sofa once again.

Once again, Dayl and Yolanda have been so gracious as to handle my boys, and it's so appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for the lack of photos guys... my poor Nikon is in for repairs. I miss it so. :( I'm limping along another cheapo camera. I may have to buy myself a little pocket digital for these moments.

Edit2: I really need a king sized bed. This is ridiculous. Warm, but ridiculous.


Taryn said...

Congrats on the BOW! How exciting!

Jules said...

Wow!! Congratulations on the BOW!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on the major! Caleb sure looks comfy all snuggled in the couch.

Holly said...


penni said...

What great news! Many congratulations nad hopefully more good news to come soon.

JulieandCaleb said...

Hahaha, I know what you mean about needing a king sized bed...and I only have one corgi!

Traci said...

Congrats on the awesome wins! Who are the breeders of your dogs, by the way??
SO excited for you and your wins! :)

Shep said...

Thanks guys!!!! (Really though, it was Yolanda, Dayl and Jessie (who looked awesome in his suit) who deserve a ton of credit, they handled them. :)

As a Shepherd person I was shocked - goodness, picking up your first major in three shows? I'm sure a lot of you see it, but man, I sure am not used to it... hahah. Wow.

Aw, Traci, Caleb's from Notz and Simon's from Ozmo.

They used to co-kennel together, and decided not to any more. Really, Caleb came from Sharon - his dad and his half brother are in her program, and Simon's from Dona.

They're both really lovely people, and I can say, wow - these dogs stepped off the plane socialized and wonderful. Even today at the vet getting poor Caleb's cat chomp checked out our vet was like, "Wow, that's a NICE dog, what a sweet, well mannered (hahaha) handsome dog."

I can walk them through downtown Seattle, and have them get petted by a hundred folks -- they just are happy as could be. :)

Kim said...

You need to send this pic into the Nationals photo contest.