Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Air Simon..!

Move over Jordan, for sure!

I snapped this photo when we were out playing earlier. Matt and I both were like "holy..." when he leapt into the air and did this ninja Cardigan backflip and whipped the toy into his mouth. I downloaded the camera tonight and man, I wish this background was clearer -- this is simply cool. It happened so fast I'm shocked I was still snapping and that I caught it!

For someone with short legs, holy crud... he is an athletic dog. I can't say I've had a Shepherd that was as athletic as this dog is. I still can't get over the air he got on this.


Taryn said...

HOLY MOLY! That dog can jump! Even without the best background, that is one for the "Action" category in the CWCCA photo contest! Simon must really get jacked up over his toys!

2Grandmas2 said... contest. I love Simon and one of the reasons is that he is so exuberant with everything in his life. If I were to describe him with just one word it would be "smile." It happens to me even when I just think about the boy.

Anonymous said...

Holy air Batman! Looks like the landing may have been a little rough. Simon is too cute with his perma-smile. I think you can even see it with the toy in his mouth!

Kelly said...


Juliette Morgan said...

What lovely dogs you have and the photos are so good - love the one with the muffins - the expression is so unique!! My cat had a leg amputated at age 8 (cancer too) and she was fine after and adapted very well. Hope all goes well. Great blog will return, thanks.

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