Tuesday, October 12, 2010

40/52 - Point and Shoot... (and a thank you)

Okay, I just have to shake my head. Week forty... and my dog is now on Auto-pose.

Seriously. This shot really sums this up. We went to the park, since it's been pouring all week, I had a tiny window to work in and I wanted to go find some fall leaves for him to play in.

I let him loose to run and he zipped once around in a big circle, and then went straight for the bench. He then promptly proceeded to walk up and down it a few times before he decided to strike a pose on his own accord until I put the camera down on the rocks.

It was a lovely pose, though. It's always funny all the things I see in his merle patterns -- see the chess knight on his haunch? Rather fitting! ;)

Of course the Zoolander himself (hahaha, several of you will understand that joke) had to get in on the posing. "Blue Steel, Caleb! Blue Steel!"

Hey, look - my leaves! (and a disgustingly slimy mushroom he perfumed himself with after.)

Ps: Thank you for all the comments on the old Merp. He's still hanging in, doing okay. I'm shocked... but really, he's a tough old bird, so to speak.

I know, I know. He's not an attractive cat in the slightest. The happy-purr drool isn't helping, but this is the best photo I could take of the old fellow. I like to think of him as ruggedly handsome. ;)


Carol said...

I always love your pics....and your kitty IS handsome!

DwarfDog said...

It's funny how you can actually see the chess piece in Simon's merle. He's kinda like owning a walking I-SPY book. :)

2Grandmas2 said...

the Zoolander! How perfect is that?! You totally crack me up.

Juliette Morgan said...

I see the chess knight! How distinctive! Great pics and fab dogs.

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Jamie said...

What a poser!! Oh and the slimy mushrooms must have been an added pleasure that we humans just cannot appreciate fully!! Great dogs and lovely pics.

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