Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photodump #5 (And an adorable puppy!) ;)

Random summer fun -- well, fall fun! ;) Hahah, Tempe is growing like a weed... she also has her official name now - Samhain Silver Lining at Stonelight.

Also, I am totally thrilled to announce that we've got half of a new addition to the family. ;)

I am so delighted -- I absolutely adore these wonderful dogs and I absolutely adore their owner.

Meet - Galena's Golden Rule -- "Ginger" who I am totally head over heels with -- and will co-own with her fantastic breeder (and awesome friend) Nancy, of Galena Cardigans. She's a Nugget daughter (and he's one of my favorite guys ever, handsome and sweet) out of her girl Kate (who I also adore!) Ginger's going to live at Nancy's house -- which is just a short hop from mine, haha.

I get to socialize her and help show her ...  bonus points is that she gets to tire out Tempe (if anything CAN tire out Tempe) and then go home. ;) Awesome. More bonus points that I can photograph her. ;) I'm working on my Tri-color skills. ;)

To me... it's amazing, I had all these years in Shepherds, and I'm only in my third year of Cardigans. And I can say that I have learned more, laughed more, delighted more, and made some of the best friends I ever, ever have had, showing dogs or not.

I sure can't thank Nancy enough for this opportunity. Also for having that darn song stuck in my head again. ;) Darn you, Burl Ives.

True facts:  I totally watched the heck out of Rudolph as a kid!  (I also  wore a set of cardboard antlers and taped a red paper nose on my nose for nearly all of December until I had a raw nose, hahah. There is photo evidence of this, but you'll just have to take my word for it, because it's sure not going up here, hee!  ;) )


Kathy said...

The picture of your blue pup running is GREAT

Builder Mama said...

Squeeee! Another puppy! She is so cute - all the little Nugglets are just adorable. Bonus points for something to tire Miss T out!

How are the kitchen renovations coming? *ducking whilst you throw things at me*

motorcycle gma said...

Ginger wants to come visit...she is tired of her grumpy granny and wants to bug her happy one. :)
I too am excited about the co-own and am so happy you were up for it. Thanks for accepting. I look forward to the future and all that it holds.
And I am going to go find more songs with the words "Silver and Gold" so I have more options for what song gets stuck in my head. I do enjoy the memories, Burl, but give it a rest already.

Jules said...

Tempes colors are amazing! Ok... All their color are amazing. And that puppy.. Ohhh that puppy!

hebbe said...

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