Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caleb, new Champion!

I know, I know... bad blogger. So much stuff going on this way, but... I'm ducking in to give a little brag. :)

Notzmo's Giant Dancer at Stonelight, aka "Caleb" is now finished, and an AKC Champion. He was handled by Angela Hall, and she did a marvelous job with him.

And then he went out this weekend with me on the other end of his leash and knocked out two Select Majors back to back. :D

I couldn't be more pleased with him - he's an awesome, silly, wonderful dog.


penni said...

Many congratulations! What a thrill

Taryn said...

Yay, Caleb! Congrats!

Qwaynt said...


Amy said...

wow... hard work pays off! Good for you guys. :-)

Faith Shen said...

Congratulations Caleb, you really deserve it! keep it up.

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