Thursday, December 3, 2009

And what to my wondering eyes should appear---!!!

Eee, my friendly Cardi Claus visited our house today! So stealthly in fact that the dogs slept through the postman's arrival and I didn't know the package was there. Ninja delivery, apparently! ;)

Of course, I open up the card -- and it's from Taryn!! How cool is that? Apparently Jimmy and Wilson chipped in too!

I have to show this off because it is so awesome it deserves sharing! I am a huge carousel collecting nut, and apparently Taryn read my mind, hahah! Look at this, this is the most wonderful thing ever - a totally fantastic drawing of a carousel Cardi! <3 I love, love, love art, and pencils are my favorite. Add that to carousels and Cardis --- wow, wow, wow. It's now in the living room on the bookcase - thank you so much!!!! :D

And now there's all the other really wonderful little ornaments too! A little dry erase blue Cardi - - how cool! It's my first Cardi tree ornament ever, and it's blue! My favorite color. (Don't tell Caleb, though.) A gorgeous little Santa, and Jimmy and Wilson modeling a set of photo ornaments, awwwww. <3 These are so, so neat!

... of course, the crew was like... hmm, what's that? Is it delicious? Is it crunchy? So as I'm unwrapping... they're plotting.

"Hmm, she's distracted. I shall just sneak this out..."

"Hey, wait a minute! Share it with me!"

Needless to say there was this huge wrestling match as the poor sock was grabbed and run off with in fifteen different directions. ;) But in the end...

"Sharing? Caring? I'm Caleb, and the Ghost of Christmas Future can go suck a lemon. It's mine."

(Thank you, thank you, Taryn!)


Holly said...

What a beautiful package you got!! :-) Caleb & Simon surely are enjoying the stocking!

Jules said...

What neat gifts! Katrin (At Monty's Training Journal) and I were recently talking about drawing/making a cardi carousel. There are so many color options.