Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Joy

For the first time in years we had the step-kids with us. Usually we have a very quiet Christmas morning, but wow, this year was pretty busy. Retail was grand -- we had a good season so far, and I'm very happy about it. Made up a bit on the debacle that was last year, ugh. A White Christmas is a beautiful thing, but as a retailer, we wince if it's before Christmas. It just packs a punch on sales.

However, I was ahead of the game this year. I wrapped everything before Christmas Eve! Go me. Of course... I had help. Lots of help. There's a lot of pet hair in my tape, argh.

All Simon really wanted for Christmas was new toys, and for me to allow him to run around outside. I've not been allowing him much run time all week, and because work was so busy, he couldn't go with me. So he was bored, bored, bored. Bored. Really bored. Sigh.

However, Christmas morning came, and oh boy... can you say mess? I did. ;) It was a fun mess though! The corgis and the cats got all their toys out and were happily playing while we were still unwrapping.

Caleb: "Mom? Mom? Are you still there? Help, I can't find my way out of the maze!"

Once it was all cleaned up though... outside we went! To try out the new cameras! ;)

Caleb and Riley, playing under the deck. It's always so funny how big Cardi muzzles look up against Pem muzzles.

Poor Caleb. He just got a Christmas morning bum-kicking. Ah well, that's usually what happens to the youngest, right? I got a Nerf bow and arrow one year as a kid for Christmas and spent the morning target practicing on my sister. Ahh, good memories.

However... Simon got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He got to go outside, and run and play with all his toys. He was so, so happy, he couldn't stop doing that horrible shriek-bark of his while debating what toy he was going to play with at any given moment. We didn't stay out too long because I'm still worried about him, but we were out enough to burn off a bit of Christmas Crazies.

Hope everyone had a grand holiday! :D I am so looking forward to getting the year over so I can get a chance to draw again! Haven't forgotten about anyone, just man, retail eats you up after Thanksgiving!


Traci said...

Looks like the dogs had a great Christmas - and by the sounds of it, you and your family did too! :) I hope 2010 holds many wonderful things for you and yours...

manymuddypaws said...

glad your christmas was a good one! what kind of new camera did you get?

Shep said...

Aw, thank you Traci! :)

We did, and hope yours was equally wonderful. I love your header picture, I keep meaning to tell you that and I end up seeing it at work when I don't get a chance. :)

Oooh, I got a Nikon D3000 and a little Canon Sure Shot for riding and going places I don't want to take the beastiecam! I just have this image of being bucked off my mare one day with the Nikon sailing behind, gah!