Monday, June 14, 2010

22/52 "Dubious"

Simon and I don't like wasps. The wasps want to move in on the back deck. Both of us have decided that the prudent thing to do was uh, scram to the other deck, and finish our snack over there. ;)

Unfortunately, they've uh, also taken over the old grill on the other deck. Then again, it's better than the time they built a nest in my car's gas cap. I got to the station, went to fill it up, and literally slammed it shut, had the gas line back on the pump, and was in the front seat of my car hyperventilating before the wasps even knew what had just happened. What was even more hilarious, I had to call a friend who was an exterminator who gave me a hard time about the "wasp" in the gas cap.

... needless to say, he opened the car up, leapt back, and the next thing I saw was him putting on a full bee suit and pulling out the wand o' death to kill them. Yeah, I told him it was a NEST. *grin*


Taryn said...

How the heck did the wasps get in your gas cap to begin with?

Dune Cardigans said...

Glad they saved their invasion until after we left ;)

Great title for the picture. You rarely see him with this face on. Or rather 'we' rarely see it.