Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pawspective... (22/52)

Simon and I did a quick shoot down on our dock, and this shot was the one that I used for this week's photo. He didn't feel like sitting and posing that day for me, and finally I just let him do what he wanted... he was right, it was a better shot. I think I might just give up and hand him the camera.

Meanwhile, then on Friday Caleb and I were at Yakima. This was the first time that I handled him myself both days. My back is a little sore but not bad, thank goodness... and we did okay. Meaning ol' one eye me did not drop Caleb on his head on the table, and Caleb wasn't a whirling dervish of happiness. ;) Baby steps. Nothing for us this weekend, but that's okay -- I'm happy with him just focusing and listening and actually thinking bait might be tasty for once.

However, the drive there is so beautiful. Sadly, it was pouring on the way home; I'd been dying to get a shot of Caleb against the sagebrush and sky... but I'll settle for this one. He was so tired after the show that he was half asleep as I set him up there, and he still looks a little rumply from the rain earlier and being wet in the ring and then squished between the seat of Dayl's van, haha.

Man, he is really growing up all of a sudden. I still think 'goofball puppy. Now he's er... well, still a goofball. ;)


2Grandmas2 said...

Congrats on the handling! That is great. Baby steps, my dear. Caleb is being such a good boy.

Shep said...

*laughs* Thanks. He really is trying, and I'm trying. It's been really tough; I'm going out to get a wall mirror today to set him up over and over again... I realized how hard it is for me when I'm in a hurry to look at him and know where he is on the table, and make sure I have his shoulders placed because I simply cannot see it looking down at him. :/ I totally hose up his front, and he has a nice one... but that's where my blind spot is utterly when I'm standing and certain table heights. So, I'm going to give my brain motor memory and do it a thousand times correctly until I can do it by feel. :)

Thanks. I know I'm who really caused my dog not to get a second look this weekend, and that's okay-- gotta start somewhere again! :D

Carolyn said...

It was nice to meet you both in person :-)

Shep said...

Oh, Carolyn! It was great to meet you as well! :D

I had a great time just listening to all the Corgi-speak while I was down there. I learn so much from everyone! :D

Caleb was so tired though; he's been asleep most of the day on mny feet. I think he just finally got up to see if I'd share my ice cream with him. ;)

Dune Cardigans said...

How did you get him to stand on that sign? Impressive. I think someone took his Cardicrack away this weekend BTW... Would explain the moodiness, and he was pretty good in the ring for you. Progress!

Shep said...

Lol! Withdrawls! Yeah, or his coffee. Really, he was downright exhausted on Saturday night.

I've never even seen him give a cross word or a lip curl to anyone, so when I saw that, I figured he was just wiped out like a two year old at the amusement park. He's never like that.

What's funny is that it was a lot of teeth and making faces, but he never went farther than that. I don't think he could go farther than that, it's not his personality. I think it was a "quit touching me puppies, and other dogs, stay on your own side of the car, MOOOOOOMMMM."

Actually, he's pretty good about staying where I put him, it's just that he starts looking around to see what's going on and if he's missing a party. No lie, he was so tired I picked him up out of the car, put him on the sign, snapped photos, and put him back in the car where he promptly fell asleep again. ;) He wasn't even wagging at the other dog that was sniffing around near the bushes, haha.

2Grandmas2 said...

Caleb is doing good in class and even seems to understand that play time is after class. I think he is msarter than we all give him credit for. He knows exactly what he is doing and what Shep wants and sure produces in class.