Sunday, May 30, 2010

20/52 - 21/52, and a pretty houseguest! ;)

I know, I know, I'm so backlogged on journals right now. I'm also backlogged on riding my horses, ugh. My back is still having issues -- thank goodness for Dayl a) let us all crash at her house for the show, and who showed Caleb for me last weekend and got another point on him! (Hooray!) :/ I couldn't even pick him up on the table, and he's a skinny little dude! I took a ton of photos while I was there of puppies, puppies, and more puppies. It's addicting!

20/52 -- "Free Range!" Ahhh, for the days when Cardis roamed the earth in giant packs of slavering doom, taking down the mighty dinosaurs! ;)

21/52 "Counterbalance"

(See, that's what that tongue is used for! I knew it!)

Corgis on a Porch! It's like Snakes on a Plane, except if you trip and fall when you step out the door they simply devour you, starting at the ankles. (I'm feeling guilty since the Pems have gotten no journal time lately - see, there's Riley's fuzzy bum, right there!)

Our houseguest for a few weeks is the beautiful Bella, belonging to Yolanda, over on the Dune Blog. :) She's just visiting and going to the store and meeting and greeting a ton of new people and dogs. :) She's been a joy to have over -- talk about a perfect, polite lady who fits right in with the crew.

(Cue Jaws Theme, here...) Isn't she beautiful? :) I just like taking photos of her, she's a pretty model!
I probably shouldn't tell her mom that she's totally asleep on the sofa, squished between Simon and Caleb and snoring away. That's not very ladylike to admit, but I'm sure Simon will take the blame for it. He's a gentleman. ;)


Jules said...

She's stunning! It looks like all the dogs are having a blast.

Dawn said...

OMG I love that tongue! Great pictures, but all of your pictures are wonderful.