Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whoa (and not a horse one for once!)

Actually, it's about the CWCCA photo contest at Nationals! Not my mare, but she's doing way better at the trainer I've got her with now. I do like the word whoa though, we sure use it a lot.

I'm sort of in that daze point still... I just finally today got the full scoop as to how I placed, and so I just have to share, since I'm all like "eeee!"

I've never entered a photography contest before, and to enter my first one at Nationals and do so well just has me trotting on air. Good air too, not the other kind, that some dog in this household is sharing with me right now. I better get onto the photos, huh, because I reveal much more and you'll all be like I am, looking to open a window and run.

To be honest, I thought I hadn't placed at all when I saw everyone's blogs go up with the other winners...

So I was shocked when folks told me I'd won some and everyone then started asking what it was and I'm like "I... don't know?" It really was funny, you could have knocked me over with a feather, and my friends got a good laugh at me! So, thank you, guys, for letting me know! It made my whole day, so I have to share for everyone who asked!

First place in Portrait: Caleb down at the beach.

This is one of those shots that looks simple, but wasn't. Those of you who know Caleb know that the longest time Caleb sits in place is about one second. I think I took a hundred pictures of him that day and most of them were him whizzing by; I had an ear, a blurry eye, a tail... this one, he was finally tired out for half a minute, and apparently his crack ran out. ;) (Inside joke, Kim and Yo will understand!)

First Place in Action: Simon catching a ball! *grins* Go figure, Simon with a toy in his mouth? Who would have thought? ;)

Second in General: (One of my favorite shots ever. I admit it. This is the only one right now I have on my wall in the hallway, and people keep asking if it's a painting.)

And third in Portrait:

(See, that garbage can really did come in handy... ;) )

So there you have it! Now I know, so now you know! *grin*

I just want to say a thank you to everyone who comes to this little corner of the internet, too. Honestly, all of your comments and encouragement and enjoyment and laughs make my days, and I love sharing my photos and silly dogs with you all. I wouldn't have had the courage to send my shots into the contest before. Cardi people are the best people... well, dog people. ;) I better not be Cardi-Centric, even though well, darn, I love this breed.

Also, go check out Taryn's first place photo! It's gorgeous! I love the light on this photo, with the towers and the shadows. :D

PS: Simon's full brother placed second in his class at Nationals. Wow. Way to go, Target! :D


penni said...

I'm so glad you sent them in -- and they deserved the accolades! Congratulations.

Holly said...

Congratulations! It was wonderful seeing your work in person!

2Grandmas2 said...

It's so exciting. The prizes will be arriving at the shop this morning after my appointment in Bremerton. (You may need to steam the ribbons; they are a bit wrinkled.) I didn't look, honest, and am delighted to see the results as this Hershey bag has been driving me crazy!!)

Jules said...

Congratulations!! All great photos.

auds said...

Oh wow, congrats! That's awesome. :)

manymuddypaws said...

those are great photos- and they deserved to win.

my favorite photo is the beach photo aswell.

Dune Cardigans said...

I was actually impressed that Caleb paused long enough to get that picture! Maybe when his crack ran out, he paused to look for some more! LOL... We love your pictures!!! Always have!!!
You going to Mt Vernon or just Caleb? I am bringing poopies ;)