Monday, May 17, 2010

18/52, 19/52 photos (and owchies!)

Not for a dog, thank goodness. The owch is for me. Last Wed. I was happily unloading freight. Now, I do this all the time, I lift bags of dog food, etc... never had a problem with my back, ever. Bent down to pick up (beat this) a five pound bag of cat food and put it onto a shelf. My back said, "I don't think you should do this."

I, being the doof I am, went, "Oh hush," and rolled an eye. Thus, by Wed night I was flat on my back, and I can say wow, I feel incredibly for those folks with hurt backs. You can't do anything -- move, stand, sit, lay, sleep, etc... without it hurting like heck. Thus I missed out on conformation class (argh!) I have something in my car for Nancy, for dragging my photo stuff from the last dog show, and I forgot to thank her in the last entry. Bad dog me! :(

However, I had obligations to be at the local rescue group's walk and charity fundraiser. So, I limped out of the house on Sunday and thought I'd do my photos there at the park and hope I got something -- it's a beautiful park, for sure! The boys had a great time; they are so well behaved people comment on it, which is really nice. I realize how much I appreciate them for not screaming and barking which a lot of the other dogs were doing.

So, here's last week's photo and this week's photo, haha, and then just some random shots of the boys doing Cardi things. ;) Man, this week I really did wish they had taller legs though, glad I didn't have to shoot too much sitting down this time. ;)

18/52 "Splish Splash" - Simon loves the pool, that's for sure. We've had gorgeous weather for the last couple of weeks.

19/52 "A casual Cardigan..."
Simon was taking it easy, watching the geese in the Gazebo. Darn geese were as big as my Cardis, wow!

At the park... I love the greens in this.

Caleb looks like a tapestry in this to me. If I stuck a horn on him, he'd be a *drumroll* "Unicorgi!"

Caleb again. I had someone on a message board ask me if this was his real color. Yep, he really is fire-engine red-orange, I swear! *laughs*

And for those of you like me who have a collar addiction? Look at this collar, wow. I bought this at the dog walk, but I've got to go and get one for Simon, too; they just didn't have the one I wanted there at the Dog Walk. These are hand made collars by Lodi and Lewi and this one's an absolutely stunning pattern.


Janet said...

The first time I threw my back out, I was making the bed - go figure. Feel better!

Love the collar - great color for a red dog.

Shep said...

Oh wow, making the bed? :(

Okay you win, that's awful! I've never done this before; man, do I feel utterly sympathetic for everyone else right now. This is miserable.

2Grandmas2 said...
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2Grandmas2 said...

OK, I will try again without the weird typos.

I wondered what had happened to you last week. So sorry. Back stuff is tough. I think we all need to be a bit more compassionate. I know it was a real eye opener for me. No class this week, due to a rummage sale or something of the sort.

No need for gifts. I enjoy seeing you and the kiddos.

Get better! Stick to the 40 pounders from now on. It is easier to make sure you do it correctly. Those 4 and 5 pounders are very bad as it is easy to get lax.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Hugs to the boys, and a nice slobbery kiss to Simon.


Shep said...

Yup, I was down for the count, ugh... I came home, tried to take some advil, and hope it would quit enough to go in, but I couldn't even sit in the car for the drive. :( I'll be there this Wed, though, I have GOT to get this dog one more session before we show on Sat.

Oh man, you'll appreciate this, though. Know that Pem that Simon was so upset on seeing walk by and then come into the shop, and then was a little terrorist?

I guess he nailed someone else's dog pretty bad the other day in the face - the other owners were talking to me and I put two and two together, yipe! Good thing Caleb's not at all a fighter, at all.

I don't have any idea how Simon knows these things; I shall assume he saw it pulling the owner and yanking outside the window and didn't like the attitude it was throwing off. Weird, but I thought you'd appreciate that for some reason.

2Grandmas2 said...

And they don't want to neuter this dog? I worry about that little girl. Simon is amazing, but you already knew that. Thank goodness caleb chose to roll over and pee. He must've felt it as well. That might be one that you have to ban from visiting. A lawsuit waiting to happen.

NO class this week. None at all. There is a rummage sale to benefit the Dog Park and they are using the training center. Bummer as Nugget is really doing well and I hate to miss a week.

Hang in there and I will try to stop by and see you sometime this week.

Taryn said...

I hear you on the back thing. It can be INCREDIBLY painful. I threw mine out the first time picking up a box out of my car. It really wasn't that heavy, but I was bent over funny due to the bucket seat.
It has recurred many times since then :-(

Sure hope you feel better quickly!

Dune Cardigans said...

Ugh... I feel for you. My neck and a hip were out last week. No fun being unable to move without looking like the hunchback's crippled cousin. Or feeling like something you scraped off your shoe.

Are you getting better?
Like better enough to go to the dog show this weekend and see puppies???

Cuz my puppies heads are pretty darn awesome right now. And I need a pro to get some pictures ;) LOL..

Beautiful pictures of the boys, as always. I do like the green background with the blues. I have been thinking I need to wear purple when I show Bella, but green might work too... hmmm

Shep said...

2grandmas: I worry about the kiddo too. I did not like that dog's attitude at all, and wow, NO biting your kid in my shop, please. Gah!

Thanks for telling me there's no class - I would have gone. That's okay, though, next week will be starting the six weeks over I think, so I can just pay for the full course. :D

Taryn: Thank you. Ugh, I think it was the same thing. Oddly enough, uh, I'm slathering on horse liniment now, and it's working BETTER than anything I've tried so far. If it's good enough for my Arab, it's good enough for me!

Yo: *laughs* I'm going to make it, I'm determined. I'm moving a little better today, and I've been waiting for WEEKS to go take pictures of your puppies. <3

I'm so bummed though. I totally wanted to show Caleb this time totally start to finish since he's uh, somewhat listening to me and well, kind of stacking... but I can't even LIFT him to get him onto a table. :/ Seriously. We'll see how I am Friday and if you guys are there early, you can give me hints on how NOT to stomp on him.

These puppies better be looking superawesome! ;) I thought they were looking really nice with your shots, so...

My camera needs a workout. Man, I hope I can drive to Dayl's okay. :/ I can't turn my head to see behind me. Thank goodness for mirrors, Caleb will just have to ride shotgun and tell me when it's safe to merge.

... yeahhhh, I don't think that's a safe idea. I'd trust Simon to do it, but Caleb, not so much!

MelmoK said...

Ugh I'm sorry. I have a cracked vertebra from a horse riding accident and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Lovely pictures, something I've been meaning to ask you though, how did/do you deal with two unaltered males? My boy is getting neutered soon and is housebroken but he shocked us all by hiking a leg at my parents house. Being an avid fan of your dogs my immediate thought was WWSD (What Would Shep Do) lol.