Friday, January 14, 2011

Photodump #1

Yeah, yeah... I know. I've been bad on not updating too much... mostly because I've been up to my ears in retail work. I know, it's not an excuse. ;) But I'll try to get better this year, and one of the things I'm going to do is -well, hahah, a photodump. Which is putting up photos without a whole lot of writing.

(Besides, I know most of you here totally are like - "Quit rambling, photos please." ;) )

On the sea wall, over in Eglon Beach (this was my last 52 Weeks shot from last year. I do love how my blue dog looks in blue.)

Hmm, what's that!

Sophie -- growing up nicely. Well, okay, she's a naughty girl. Totally just does what she wants how she wants it. She rules this place with a tiny iron paw.

But she loves her Simon and her Caleb. I like to call them her harem. Every girl needs a good looking pair of bodyguards. Even if they do need an ear cleaning sometime.

Caleb's two! Man, he's maturing. (Physically. Not mentally. Sorry, he's um... never going to know higher math. Luckily Simon can do it for him and does.) Finally, wow. In the last six months, he uh, has a big dog chest, I think. He's looking like a boy dog all of a sudden. ;)


Red Dog Mom said...

I would say that every princess needs a couple of eunuchs to guard her but I know Caleb isn't one of those :)

Yes, Caleb is looking VERY manly these days. Give him another year, the brain might be on back order. From what I've seen and heard, Cardi boys brains arrive anywhere between 2 & 3 years old - usually.....

Shep said...

LOL! No, both the boys have their bits. It's funny - so many people ask me how I can keep two unfixed boys, and I'm like... these two? Easy as pie together -- they really are the best of friends. No problems, not a one. They have very different interests, and Caleb is simply kind to everyone, and Simon's pretty much the same.

It's my horrible little no-bits Pembroke who starts things constantly. I wanted to turn him into a hat yesterday, but that's a story for another time. ;)

Hhahaha, I think his brain's just hanging out in Tahiti, sipping Mai-Tai's. He's that sort of happy guy.

Thanks though! I think he's looking much more manly -- it's funny, he's such a sweet goofy boy that he just looks like a puppy no matter what you do! ;)

Ashley said...

The pics of Sophie and Simon are priceless! So aesthetically pleasing with all their patches of color and such! Keep 'em coming! =)