Friday, January 8, 2010

It's amazing that ...

What blows my mind is this. How come it is I can look at Caleb on a daily basis and he still looks like this goofy, gangly puppy?

Then I shoot a picture like this, just one of those off the cuff, non posed pictures--

Where's my puppy? I swear, who is this strange animal in my lens? That's not my dog. I have to have a camera that teleports, right? It maybe takes future shots? I'm so bringing it to Emerald Downs and shooting the winner of the Longacres Mile. Make myself a mint, right? Ahh, of course I think about using the power for evil, what can I say?

Of course, the next picture brings it all back into perspective.

Caleb: "Bro? Tic-Tac."


Taryn said...

Now Caleb still looks like a pup to me in that picture. But I know what you mean, 'cause we say that about Jimmy all the time and he's coming up on 3 in May. Usually he is still a dufus, but sometimes we'll catch him through the window and he looks like quite the dignified little man.

Shep said...

*laughs* He's still a pup, yeah. But man, he's changed so much in his face in the last few months. I really notice it in the photos -- he's just getting -- well, more boy. Simon's always had a very masculine head. Caleb... not so much. Well, not as much to me, but remember, I was a German Shepherd person -- where the males should look very masculine early. :)

Hahah, I think he's going to end up like Jimmy, where they have that puppy-puppy-puppy look and you catch them every once in a while, and you go, "Oh, it's a dog now!"