Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon 2/52 - "Mister Blue Sky"

It's funny... I was talking to my dad the other night. Now, my dad used to be a professional photographer when I was a kid. He's taken some incredible shots, ones that I sort of hold up and tell myself -- "I want to have a shot like this in my gallery some day."

So, we spent a good half an hour talking lenses, cameras, and lighting and him telling me that he was going to digitize his collection of slides (yes please, please!) I don't want to lose those. One of my favorite memories as a kid was to be in the King Tut exhibit before it opened to the public, and he took some absolutely amazing photographs of pieces that I've never seen in any book out there.

That and he taught me ELO was one of the best groups ever. ;) Hahaha. Well, we think so, anyway.

One of the things I started to notice was that I had a lot of shots of my other dogs shooting up at them, be it on the deck or rocks, or what have you, but really none of Simon like that. Two, I don't have a lot of truly posed shots of Simon, where I ask him to sit and wait while I shoot. (He's such a go go getter, haha!) Three, that I haven't gotten a lot of shots of him outside of the yard - I take him everywhere, but my camera, not so much! Four, uh, wow, he's a goof and always has his tongue flopping out because he's always having a great time. XD I failed four, but man, he's just too darn happy. I guess that's an okay one to fail, we'll get it sometime!

So, a break in the pouring weather, the beach down at Fay Bainbridge, and just enough time to grab some shots before the rain banded back and slammed back in.

Photo from the other angle -- you can really see the clouds coming in.

Tricksy, he thinks he is!

I love the grass here.


manymuddypaws said...

those are great! I like the last one with the grass almost as much as the one you chose!

i have the opposite problem...can't take an action, or a decent candid photo to save my life. one of the reasons Pixel's photos all turned out so good is that most of them were posed. I typicaly would put her into the picture, and presto. Nice photo.

Boone is a little different and does not pose...at all. So it will be quite a good challenge.

Taryn said...

Before I even popped open your blog post, I had the Mr Blue Sky tune going through my head, just from seeing your title. I am an ELO fan too! They are straight out of my teen years music! Very nice photos! And now we know why, it runs in your family. Obviously your dad passed on his talent and skills.