Friday, July 22, 2011


This creature is a rare and elusive beast, apparently only found in the Pacific Northwest. There are some that think it may be related to the Jackalope, but this is mere speculation and needs further study.

The natural habitat of the Cardibou seems odd; it can be found as a downtown city dweller, begging for ice cream and pretzels  to swimming in the great wide ocean. It has a strange, haunting call that sounds like "woooo woo wooooo" and tends to do this when it sees something it really likes.

( One thing about the species; it seems to know unerringly when you have a Wubba or a Tennis Ball and will teleport out of nowhere. Seriously, it can be sound asleep in the back hall and you're picking up toys and the darn beast roars out of nowhere in an effort to get you to toss it. ;)  )

It has a fondness for puppies, kittens, and sleeping on pillows upside down. ;)


Builder Mama said...

Ah, such a beautiful and gentle beast! My son Monkey Man is just having a fit over Simon and Tempe. (This is Elizabeth from FB....)

Taryn said...

Great post!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I think I want one of those. :)

ronstew said...

Are you going to make it to the Corgi Picnic next Saturday? We'll be there with Radar and Dixie, and are hoping you will be bringing your lot over.

Heck, we could pick you up at Edmonds.

Ron in Vancouver, BC