Monday, July 11, 2011

A Photo Day at Fort Warden

Simon, Temperance, and Caleb on the wall at Fort Warden State Park...

On the way up we found this coin operated horse, hahaha... I haven't seen one in years. Simon had a blast with this.

Again, all at Fort Warden...

Tempe is really picking up fast on keeping a pose while I shoot! She's an amazingly smart puppy, wow. She's also asking to go out on her own -- hmmm, I have to say, I like that even better! ;) So does my living room rug. ;)

Tempe had to try out the horse too, but she was kind of tired by this point and wanted to just nap in the sadddle. ;)

Simon, of course, started showing off and playing to the crowd. He totally stepped up there on his own and balanced himself; I just was like "sit back down" and he smiled at me like "but everyone ELSE likes this pose!"
Temperance was a bit overwhelmed by the ocean. She would put her feet in it though, after a few minutes. She's pretty darn brave, all things considered this was the first time she'd seen something like this... the boys were up to their necks in fourteen seconds, and covered in stinky sand. ;)

And Caleb, being Caleb and watching... no, not a bird! A kite, this time. He was fascinated with it, the people were dipping it around us when they realized he was staring at it and wagging.
Fly, Simon! Fly!
Boat dog! Hold that pose, Tempe!


Taryn said...

Wonderful pictures as always! Simon is such a character! Standing up in the saddle is just too much :-) You certainly have gorgeous scenery to use as a backdrop for your photography.

Gabiko said...

Your dogs are so gorgeous! And those pictures with horse are beyond words - I have never imagined a dog could stand so on one :D

Elizabeth said...

How did you get three centerfold models? Just beautiful (and agile).

Time to swap out the sidebar photo of Tempe to show off those EARS!

Shep said...

Hahha, aw... thanks guys! :D

Oh man, I just have to laugh at Simon. I can't believe he can stand on it either. Little showoff. ;)

Aw, a lot of awesome breeders who have gorgeous dogs, Elizabeth! I'm very blessed in Cardi over here.

(And one pudgy, grumpy Pembroke. ;) )

Eek, she does need Ears on the sidebar! Fixing that now! ;)

Pup Fan said...

You may have the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen!