Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Tempe, Big City

Tempe took a trip today to Pike Place Market in Seattle! A little socialization... well, not that miss social butterfly nose needs it. ;) She's entirely social, everyone's obviously put here to see her!

On the ferry... mmm, bench rainwater! ;)

Oh, you wanted me to look cute  and get the city in the view? Oh, okay!
At Pike Place Market -- nothing phases this girl. It's amazing that she takes every single thing I can throw at her with utter unflappability. She does not panic or hide, she doesn't duck, or flatten. She'll stop, freeze,  look at it, figure it out, and move on with just a quick cluck of encouragement on my end. She'd never been through Seattle at all, or busy sidewalks, a thousand people walking, or over grates (and I will tell you, most dogs balk at grates in concrete. I can't blame them, they look like yawning, dog swallowing holes to me!)

On the wall at the Harbor Steps. Hello over there, can I share your water bottle? :D
Oh right, sit pretty again. ;)
And at the end of the trip, a very happy puppy with her dad. ;) I love how they're in step here, I admit it!  Her tail didn't stop wagging the whole time we were walking, hilarious. Like a little metronome. Every person she passed that said, "oh, look at that puppy!" got wagged at. She's gotten so bad that her keyword is "Oh--" and then she immediately starts heading towards the person, wagging away. Clever girl!


motorcycle gma said...

Love the last picture; as if she is saying "let's to this again, K?"

Ashley said...

I love this little girl! She's gorgeous now...can't wait to watch her grow into an even more beautiful lady!

biswajit sengupta said...

a dog lover myself i felt as if the blog has been designed for me