Monday, March 16, 2009

Breaking the house...

Okay, I totally admit, Simon was so easy to housebreak it wasn't funny. Literally, he came pre-set, I think. He honestly cares about going potty in the house (disgusting!) and is one of those dogs that naturally behaves himself.

Caleb? Not so much. I've sprayed every cord now with Bitter Apple, and puppy-proofed the computer room again. I have nicknamed stripey brat boy "The Poopy!" for right now, because I swear, you can put him outside, watch him, he goes potty, and you praise like crazy. He's all happy to get a treat and a pat, and then he walks right in the house and within a few minutes, he's happy again to potty right on the floor. (Thank goodness for Pergo. Anyone who has a dog should resign themselves to Pergo, because it's the best stuff ever.)The thing about it is he's not even slightly guilty about the whole thing. You tell him no and he laughs and licks whatever he can reach as you're carrying him outside again.

Apparently, he's that new breed of Corgi, that uses osmoisis to renew itself. Oh yeah, I know it's all my fault, I accept that I can't take my eye off him for two seconds, but I swear, somewhere up there Gabe's laughing at me. It reminds me so much of Gabe and Arrow - Arrow was sweet, a neatnik, a well-behaved boy, and Gabe was a total goobus whose idea of housebreaking was to uh... literally break things. Like doors and sofas and lamps. ;)

Funny, how these things seem to come full circle sometimes. I think I'd be happier if I still had a full bottle of Urine Off.

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