Sunday, March 29, 2009


Caleb's getting bigger, isn't he? I think I am in love with his topline though, ha. He's turning into a nice dog too; but wow, he's a dominant little red-head. The other dogs have been really correcting him more than they ever corrected Simon. Me too, for that matter. There have been a few days that I realize I've been like, "Caleb, uh uh!" and Riley has rolled him for the umpteenth time and the two of us look at each other like we're about to pull our hair out. Honestly, though, he really is coming along, and he's been so good about sleeping in and behaving himself at night. He graduated to a bigger crate last night, and not a peep out of him. Aw. Good boy. (I like him, and well, he's really become my dog. He's a handful, but when you finally get it through his head about something, he's really good at remembering and putting it to other situations very quickly.)

Missed a Caturday. But that's okay, I'll just tell you that I had a cat related day yesterday that blew my mind. I own a small pet store, as some of you know. Well, I have two shop cats. Both are lovely, wonderful cats, both rescues. They pretty much have the run of the shop. We have a package of salmon treats under the counter that Baron likes beyond all like. He gets a few treats when we come in and that's it, but he will wait until it's busy and then pester you for more. After the fourth time I set him on the floor yesterday (he'd knocked off the mouse and a bunch of paperwork I was working on when I was with customers) I finally went for the spray bottle. Usually all you have to do is show it to him, and he gets the point and goes somewhere else and realizes you're serious about not letting him get his way.

So, I'm standing there picking up the squirt bottle, and he looks at me. I'm like, "Get off, I will use this, go on, I mean it."

Right then, this customer walks in and yells at me, "Don't DO THAT!"

I'm so taken aback that I say, "Uh, you bet I'm using it if he doesn't get down. He knows he's not supposed to be up here right now."

Baron gives me the "make me," face, I squirt the counter next to him, he realizes I'm serious and hops down and trots away. Mind you, trots. The lady has a complete fit, and threatens me out of earshot (in front of one of my other employees) to call the ASPCA on me. For animal abuse. Dead serious, cannot make this up.

On the way out she hands me the parting shot (after buying things) of "I just can't stay in here!" and stomps out.

... well, that's a new one on me. I guess I should have just picked up a taser or hit him with a two by four across his head, right?

I'm not sure if I should just laugh or shake my head but it really bothered me. I'm the last person I can think of about cat animal abuse. Crud, Baron didn't even think it was that serious of a threat - he sauntered off and flopped in a sunbeam and realized I did mean it about staying out of the paperwork. I've had him since I rescued him out of a Safeway box, twelve years ago. I think he's about the last cat I'd ever say was abused. You wonder if this is the sort of person that calls animal protection because a cat is outside in a yard eating grass. (He must be starving!)

Wow, man, sometimes I think this world's gone a bit off the deep end. I'm all for a good animal cause, but I swear, some people really need to get their heads screwed on a bit better.


dreameyce said...

He's looking good! You should get stacked, and front pics of him to document his growth (Same with Simon!), as I've found they help with learning how these "short freak dogs" can turn out.

It really sounds like he and Cee could be BEST buddies. BEST! haha Spitfire freaking troublemakers!

The water bottle lady... WTH? If she visited my home, I think she herself would confiscate my pets ;) I'm so abusive, I even use the bottle on ratties who tuffle! SHAME on me! ANIMAL ABUSE! And the fact she BOUGHT things... that's the weirdest part.

Guess instead of the waterbottle, you need to use mouse traps, and scat pads... you know, the OTHER recommended means of keeping cats off things. Heh

The worse part about animal right morons like her, is it's THESE people who're pushing for, and even WRITING the pending anti-pet, and breeding laws all over. Damn.

Animal keeping as we know it could soon be gone, with 'guardianship', mandatory altering/breeding bans, unreasonable pet limits, and of course, the humane organizations mass shipping in dogs from other countries, to bring in new diseases and kill currently existing animals in the states. UGH.

manymuddypaws said...

He is very cute- love how red he is.

The whole animal abuse thing- people are wackos. I bet she doesn't even have a cat.

I use a water bottle alot at home- for barking etc. Even at work (a dog daycare) it is a great tool and doesn't hurt the dogs at all. Much better than the 2x4 I'd like to use some days :o)

Shep said...

Yar, I wish again that you were closer - it's so hard to find someone who can take photos while I stack or vice versa at this point. XD

I know, argh, on the whole water bottle thing. I was so floored that it was my water bottle that got some crazy cat kook so riled that it's taken me a few days to even come down from that, "grrr" plateau.

The whole thing was utterly ridiculous. Frankly, the day when I have a label slapped on my ability to care for a pet like, "guardianship" or "caretaker" is the day I dread to see. Frankly, the idea of animal slavery baffles me; I'm thinking my cats don't do much work for a living.

Frankly, I think the only thing about anti-breeding laws is this; the people who are careful, and honest people, and who do the right thing? Those are the people who get nailed.

Don't even get me started on shipping in dogs. Whomever started that feel-good point of rescue needs to have their head examined. We have a 'rescue' here that did that, and damned if we didn't end up with a whole lot of sick dogs around our area, with some pretty darn serious stuff that isn't at all FROM our area. Rar rar rar.

I saw something the other day that just turned my stomach, from a pretty popular blog. They were like, haha, the HSUS is sunshine and roses, and they care about the welfare of the animals so much...

Wow. You know their campaigns are working when they hit animal welfare blogs, I guess. If I could put a quarter of the funds they make into honest to goodness rescue groups, there would be a whole lot more happy animals. I just growl at the fact that I put 10,000- 15,000 a year into our local, hardworking rescue group, and they're way underfunded and are so gracious about any money they get... yet these 'animal rights' organizations spend more money on toilet paper I bet than they get in a year. Sigh.

Muddy: She had a cat, she bought cat toys, but... man, I get the feeling she was one of those folks who if her cat started peeing on things, the cat would be at the Humane Society and put down in a heartbeat. Seriously.

Hahah, yeah, I totally go for the squirt bottle too. It's amazing how it gently gets their attention. Hey, I'm sure if my parents thought of it, they would have squirted me too! XD Actually, my mom did once spray me in the face when I mouthed off at her in the kitchen as a teenager, with the sink sprayer.

... amazingly enough, I never ever did it again. Hey, I guess it does work for teenagers, but I bet someone out there would scream child abuse at my mom nowadays. ;)