Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay, I've decided that this has become my Corgi photo a day blog for right now. So, since it's the beginning, we'll do the time warp thing and start at the beginning... that's always fun.

This is one of the first three baby pics I got of Simon. How can you not love that face? Actually, as a prospective show dog, how can you not love that expression, with that wonderful, wonderful head, and that front end of his. Right now, he's gone every which way at seven months. My breeder assures me that he will go back to being the dog he was at eight weeks, and not to give up hope. I trust her, she's shown and bred some darn nice dogs.

I personally always found with the cats that you could tell who was going to be your show prospects at three days, then again at eight days, and then again at seven-eight weeks. After that, give up for a while, and just sigh and peel them off the curtains. Dogs, I think are somehow worse in many ways, because they mature - well, like horses. Butt high, shoulder low, neck off, and you go - man, that animal is just... not... good, one day, and the next they look like they can beat the socks off any champion.
Fun, and yet so nail biting.

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