Friday, March 6, 2009

Swamp dogs!

Never thought Corgis were water dogs until I got Piper. She sort of hops right in and floats like a little cork. Well, or a little duck - the top doesn't move, but the feet are frantically pattering underneath the water. I always feel like tying a string to her at times, like one of those little sailboats you had when you were a kid.

As this shows, this is how the big pond is recieved in our household.

Piper: YAY water, yay, over the log, yay sploooooosh!

Riley: ... you are going to go in there? In that? There are likely leeches in there. Disgusting.
Simon: Hey! Over here! I found a stick! And a leaf! And a rock! And a pinecone! :D

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