Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Corgis sleep in the oddest positions. Apparently, Simon thinks this one is terribly comfy... Those little legs must lock stiff, because he slept like this for an hour. I can't imagine holding my arms up in bed for an hour, but hey, whatever floats the Corgi boat.

(I totally admit that when he's like this, I have the urge to just reach over and poke his tummy.)


Dot/ML Davis said...

I would totally poke his tummy. But then again I love to sometimes blow on my cat TJ's tummy (even if I get a face full of fur in the process). But he seems to love it. XD

I love this blog. Your dogs just look so happy and energetic with that wonderful dog-zest for life going on. It makes me smile.

dreameyce said...

Yes, I do the tummy poke! The "dead, dead dog" (Like Simon), and froggie flying poses are the two main Corgi sleeping poses in our house.

It seems Cardigans think their job is to simply be weird, no matter what they do! LOL

Shep said...

Aw, thanks! Hahahha, they have zest and tummies, for sure. Thanks! I hope I can keep it up - so far, it's been fun to sort of grab a photo a day I might not show other places because they're not those artistically clean ones, haha. ;)

(And yes, I poked his tummy. I totally admit it, and he never woke up. Trusting little soul.)

I agree though - they sure are weird at times. Goofball!