Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's my favorite!

Simon just adores his Wubba. Actually, I love this toy - produced by Kong, of course (and no, they don't give me any kickbacks. I wish they did, considering I'm the one who really pushed them to produce a cat-Wubba after Dusty stole it from Riley and wouldn't give it back.)

It's made out of heavy denier nylon, and the "tails" make for an easy, far throw. I can toss it across the yard with a quick flick while I'm gardening and it doesn't get all disgusting and slime covered with dog-spit very fast. Not that it matters, everything gets covered in dog slobber here eventually. Including the cats, who take a literal licking. ;)

It floats, it squeaks, and it holds up to tons of tugging and abuse. (Mind you, it's not unshreddable, unfortunately. Piper - who is my 'if I can kill it, it's dead' toy abuser, managed to destroy the first Wubba one afternoon all of a sudden. So, if you have a dog who tears toys - this one's tough, but like all dog toys, needs to be supervised with those sorts of dogs.)

Wubba gets a four paws up rating, in our house!


dreameyce said...

Wubbas are a top toy here too! I need to order more soon, but our FIRST wubba, lasted almost TWO months, in our 4 dog home... Kiwi the Pit Bull was the one who finially 'killed' it, by tearing the canvas open ;)

And, I loooooove the colors!

Shep said...

They have a few new colors, I think! A royal purple and a lime green? I've seen the purple but not the green.

Haha, well, let me know if you need some at some point I can totally shoot you some at wholesale! Ah, the joy of owning a pet supply store, haha. ;)

Oooh, now there's a good rating. If it lasted two months with Kiwi, it's a good thing.

Ps: Popped your blog onto my watched blog list! :D Yay!

dreameyce said...

I love the pink cameo. Had her breeder not insisted on going with the car/space litter theme, Galaxy would have been "Pink cameo cowgirl", which is VERY fitting ;) Galaxy's "color", is pink cameo.

Careful offering me wholesale toys... I'll take you up on that offer ;0P haha BTW, I'll be on Mercer Island Apr 4th for the big spring rat show. I may be staying the weekend, but am not sure. If you have time, I'd love to meetup!

Maybe for a summer show you enter Simon I can hike up that way to take pics. I'm hoping I can show Cee this fall. I was thinking about entering her in the show next week, but couldn't justify it, when I'm taking the national trip.

Shep said...

*laughs* I forgot about the pink and blue camo ones, they're adorable!

Hahah, take me up on it! Oh, you're over on Mercer that weekend? I might be able to drag a friend along to the ratty show and say hi!

Yah, we have the show here this weekend - I just look at his topline and know for a fact he'd be laughed right out of the ring now. He looks like a slide, and he still has almost all of his plush puppy coat on, making him look fatter than he is, wow. I gave him a bath the other day and went -- looking good - and when he dried he looked like a marshmallow.

His breeder basically says his dad was a slow developer too - and that don't expect too much from him as a puppy at this point - his brother's doing the exact same thing. I have a feeling the new pup's going to be a FAST developer, so he may hit the confo ring before Simon does.

... which is fine. ;) We'll do some herding, tracking, and obedience work first this summer if that's the case. :D