Monday, March 2, 2009

Piper, the energizer Corgi...

Piper is just sometimes downright hilarious. Needy, but hilarious. I've been taking her out with us on the runs lately, and what amazes me is how good her stamina is. She's my house dog - really, she doesn't go out much at all. But darned if she can't run five miles, laugh at the staggering boys and do it all over again. She loves, loves, loves to run, at a full tilt, as far as her legs can take her.

She's also getting better on her recall. She's the dog out of the crew I simply do not trust sometimes - not because she's bad, but because her mind goes out the window when she's excited. I guess spending the first months of your life locked in a crate does that to you; she's never going to be the same as the dogs who have been with me since they were pups. Her attachment to things is fleeting - she loves everyone equally, and would go home with a serial killer, given half a chance. She'd happily be stolen by strangers and go onto another adventure and wouldn't look back.

Boy oh boy, though... those little legs can FLY. She's aptly named - haha, after a small, low-flying, zippy aircraft. ;) I love this shot of her - it's utterly Piper. Road behind, Road forward, and she's enthusiastic no matter where she is on it.

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