Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, catch-up day!

Since I was gone all weekend, I totally had a ton of things to catch up on over here. So after a morning of frantic cleaning, scrubbing, and washing, I finally realized it was noon and the crew was staring longingly at me. I needed to fix the headlight in the Volvo anyway, and pay my trainer for the month, so we headed out to the barn to go on the back road. Besides, Simon's got to get the weight off, so he needs to run more and walk more.

So, off we went. What surprised me was Caleb; he wanted to go, and once he was trucking along behind us, he didn't want to be picked up and carried. He was so tired by the quarter-mile the rest of us were waiting patiently for him, but the little fellow didn't want to give up. Finally I just scooped him up and carried him in my sweatshirt, and he admitted he was pretty wiped out after all. Riley wished on the way back I'd carry him, I think. It was a nice walk, went a few miles, avoided the rain, whew!

Then they slept in the car while I groomed the horses. Man, I have enough horsehair here to stuff a Victorian sofa. *grin* They're still sleeping now, tucked under the bench in the entryway. You know it's been a good dog day when no one makes a peep for an hour and doesn't bother to get up and follow when you're in the kitchen.

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