Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simon Says: Woof at Sheep!

Yes, yes, it should be a Caturday, but um, I put up that picture of Dusty and Caleb earlier, and if I do another one it will go to the cat's head. So, instead, I give you Simon, having a blast in Roy, WA at Ewetopia!

Man, I had fun. I mean, I really had fun. It was sort of a little bittersweet, I kept thinking how much Gabe would have loved herding sheep. Simon, though, was the happy, happy guy he always is; how can you not have fun and laugh and go forward on new adventures with his grin? I realized today how much I missed dog shows, and trials, and agility. Don't get me wrong; I love SAR. This is different - it's a change, a different direction, and I came home today with a tired puppy that I'm very proud of. He's a heck of a dog, and I'm glad he's mine. :)

I would totally write more- I had a fantastic time, met wonderful Cardi people with some gorgeous and wonderful Cardis; and joy of joys, found a handler, I think, for Si! Which is awesome, my schedule with the shop means last minute things happen. *laughs* I feel like such a novice again; I was admiring the herding Shepherds going, oh, that one, that one works beautifully, that one, needs this, that one...

But with the Cardis, it's all back to square one. I learned a lot about bloodlines - that talk I desperately need, and have some really important things to ponder...

I took some great photos of some gorgeous dogs, and I'm itching to buy another lens. I don't want to drop 1200.00 plus on lenses, but I may do it. It's turning into something I love to do with dogs as another bad hobby. Also, hahah, Simon's pudgy, and needs to lose some pounds and tone up. Bad owner, bad. Sheesh, he runs a lot and eats a cup of light dog food... Well, both of us will be jogging more, flat out. ;)


Dune Cardigans said...

Simon did so well! For a young dog to keep so focused the whole time - twice- is great! He is very photogenic too ;)
It was nice meeting you as well. I am sure we will see each other in the future!
I am already dreaming of getting Hunter's HT or PT titles... I could watch him work those huge sheep all the time!
Thank you, thank you for the pics. They will be treasured.

Shep said...

Aw, thank you. I was really proud of him; he's such a good dog and an easy dog that I totally forget sometimes that he's eight months old. So to hear someone else say he worked well is a thrill for me - I was really proud of him. Aw, and thanks, he's a pretty photogenic fellow - it's all those bright fur colors! And yes, I am sure we will see each other - I am so happy to have met fellow Cardi owners!

Hunter was awesome; I love a dog that is gorgeous and has the brains to back up that body! ;) He sure did; he was fantastic. I would totally love to get those titles as well.

You are most welcome; I had a blast taking the pictures, and I'm glad they came out so well. I just love to take pictures of dogs... it's so rewarding. And your dogs were so gorgeous and good natured, it was wonderful to have them model!

(I loved the one of Hunter staring into the pen, leaning on the fence.) <3