Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today is Saturday! Well, Caturday, here, at the Corgi Complex.

So, with no further ado, I give you Dustoff, aka Dusty, D-Cat, D-Meep, Teh Meep. Okay, he probably has a billion and one nicknames, but hey, it's one for each of his lives. I jokingly call him the bionic cat, or the world's most expensive cat... which is true. He's got a history as long as his tail, from the fact he was a Humane Society rescue at 3 days, survived everything nature could throw at him (he refused to say die, thank you very much) almost went blind... you can still see the damage in his eyes in photos. It's also why they are this odd, chestnut brown color, they're permanently scarred. He's pretty much okay, but can't see well at night.

He's just a good natured, friendly soul. He loves baby animals, baby puppies, guinea pigs... etc... if I have an animal here that needs extra help, he's right in there with them. Note: Do not try this at home with your cat and your chicken, and nope, didn't put the chicken up there, she did that all on her own while I was cleaning cages.

Funny, he eats chicken cat food, but real live chicks? Oh heaven forbid!

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