Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ain't No Companion Like A Blue Eyed Merle!

I have to say, I love blue eyes on a dog. I have a lot of customers who can't stand them on Simon, I just love them. I think I can see more of what he's thinking, for some reason.

I always wanted a dog with blue eyes, even as a kid. Our Old English Sheepdog, growing up, had one blue and one brown eye. (Not that you ever saw them; he was my dad's show dog, in full show coat. Dad also used to pay me five bucks to wash and dry his dog. I was like, "WOW, five bucks!!!" Five bucks bought you a Breyer horse at Bi-Mart, so I was so there! Now, I think back on that and realize he was paying me five dollars for eight hours of grooming. Ooch!

Sheesh, my dad knew how to get the most out of his kids, that was for sure.)


manymuddypaws said...

Before I had a dog with blue eyes I thought they were creepy.

Sam had one blue and one haf brown/half blue and I loved the expression he used to have- the eyes really made his personality shine through.

Pixel has two blue eyes and she always looks as excited as she acts. I love it now.

Dune Cardigans said...

I had a blue girl named Reign, who had the most clear vivid blue eyes. At our first show, a little boy came up to us and ask me if she was a werewolf!!!
Of all things...
I think they are cool too. Wished they came on other colors.

Shep said...

Aw, see, I've heard so many people say they were creepy, or freaky, or ask me if Simon's blind. (Right after I've thrown a ball and he's making a beeline for it, go figure...) I also get asked a lot if he's deaf.

See, I think Pixel's eyes are just gorgeous and really make her look alert and happy!

I love them, but I also love blue eyes on horses!

Hahahah, the werewolf thing is awesome! I totally would have just loved that. Were-Cardi! (It's a very short, very stubby rampage, that can't reach the counter in the kitchen... )

I could see that though. It's such an intense look, when they get locked in on something.

I saw a mismarked Pembroke on another journal that I thought was gorgeous. She had one blue eye, and a big half-white face. Really beautiful dog.

I wonder if there's a picture anywhere of a mismark blue eye on a brindle...? Anyone know?

dreameyce said...

There's a few blue-eyed brindles... I'll try to remember who and dig up those pics! I know a couple are on Corgi photo groups. I can't think of names now though.

I'm going to have to raise my hand though, and admit I think blue eyes on dogs are creepy, as are pink eyes on rats. Not my tea, but won't stop me from owning them, I just don't prefer them. Better for you blue-eye fans though- less to share! haha

I personally LOVE the lighter eyes on brindle Cardis. Like Ruby, owned and bred by Toshay with her 'bronzy' eyes. The lighter eye isn't what breeders want, but I find it much more striking than deep brown eyes, which often look black on pics. If Galaxy had lighter eyes, I'd like that better, as with her black mask, pics can be a challenge with her! Cameo eyes!