Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Under the wire - and underpinning.

(Told you Caleb has a long, long tail. I've decided his secret genetic flavoring is Sabertooth match with my cat Dusty the No-Leopard.)

Very quick entry here because I literally just walked through the door after work. Long day, wow. Long, long, LONG day. The boys were good, though, and I felt so bad when I looked up at the clock and realized they hadn't eaten yet. No one was being pesty though; I think they realized that I've been numbercrunching straight for three days and I was about to lose my marbles completely. ;)

However, speaking of food goodness, Riley did his weigh in today, and we're all just cheering. He's down to 35.5! This is a milestone, I want to just swing him around a bit and cuddle him, but he wouldn't appreciate that in the slightest, knowing Riles.

He has been such a challenge to find something, anything, that works for him and will take the weight off without getting him violently ill. We're dealing with more accidental leak puddles than usual because of his increased water content but that's fine, I can deal with that, I just don't care. Floors wash, rugs blot. I'd just like him to be a good weight.

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