Saturday, April 4, 2009

Caturday #3

I needed a hug-picture today to think happy warm fuzzy thoughts on. Got into work this morning, and people were downright nutterbutter today. Fine, dealt with all of that, but then the employee that was supposed to relieve me called in sick. What makes me grumble is that I'd planned on seeing if I could get over to Mercer today to meet up with a fellow Cardi lover and that tanked, but... also...

I have been fighting off a cold for a week and a half now. I'm sick as a dog, can't shake the cough or the sneezing. She calls in to tell me she's feeling, "A little achey," so she thinks she better stay home or she'll give it to us.

I'm like... are you such a rather um, unobservant person not to notice that the manager and I have been sick all week? Ugh. So, yep, worked the extra hours. It was Riley's birthday though, so he got a fake dog brownie, and he was a happy dog. Simon had the groomer come out and give him a bath and I really need to work on my dog's table work -- darn dog falls asleep when they dry him with the blower. Not much stress there, huh?

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