Sunday, April 5, 2009


Caleb's got it.

All the dogs did really well today; it was so gorgeous out I ended up working in the yard. I also learned something about cultivators/rototillers, holy moly, don't get one too close to a chicken pen fence. That thing grabbed the wire and ran right up the side of the pen, scaring me to death. I forgot to let go of the handle to shut it down, and had this horrible mental image of me calling into work saying I wouldn't be in for months because I was missing a chunk of myself.

Got it shut down, though, and all was well. I was much more careful. I can say it turned a day's worth of work into a few hours, and that was really nice. Super easy to turn all the bedding in there and get it to drain better!


manymuddypaws said...

he some kind of cute- you can tell he's a brat!

dreameyce said...

Eeek! Those tillers can be scary! I always dread that time of year, with my klutzy Husband! Luckily, he did it while I was gone, so I wasn't here to gawk ;)

I cam back from my trip wondering where Caleb was. I was expecting to see him packaged up, nice and pretty in my mailbox when I arrived! heehee

Shep said...

Hahah, yeah, he's a brat all right. It's a good thing I don't have a white wine sauce available, I bet Brindles taste delicious!

Hahah, yeah, I scared myself silly with that tiller. The chickens were watching me like, "wow!"

Hahha, well, I figured I'd have to post him early, and he'd like get out of that box and cause a crisis between our states to the point where Washington would be sending down the planes and Oregon would be tossing lava lamp bombs.

... ;) I grew up in Oregon. My money's on you guys!