Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not A Corgi!

However, my dear mare is as obnoxious as one at times. Blondie puts anything in her mouth she can reach; and carries it right out of the barn. I've caught her running off with my gloves, my helmet, my crop, her bridle, rakes -- you name it, if she can steal it when my back is turned, it's gone. She hordes these little things in her haybucket and her stall; honestly, I'm just glad she can't dig holes, or I'm sure she would be burying anything she can reach for later!

... she does like Caleb, though. Caleb has no fear of her either, so she's all excited that the puppy will actually sit (both pets supervised) to be sniffed and nuzzled. Caleb just likes tasting her nose. She's always loved dogs, so she's had her feelings hurt a few times that none of mine want to go and visit her. Instead, they hide in the Volvo with big wide eyes as she pokes her nose into the window. ;)

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