Thursday, April 2, 2009

Attack of the Killer Caleb!

Caleb VS Matt, round one. Everyone else was chasing the Wubba, but Caleb decided he was taking down bigger, tastier prey!

He's suddenly turned into snuggle puppy, too. Awww, wow, though, he's brave. Went to the barn today and the horses wanted to touch him. Unlike Simon, who ran pell mell back to the car and asked to be put in, Caleb reached out and bravely sniffed noses. Then he licked her. Everyone was like, "Oh, so cute!" and Abi (the rescue horse) was like, sniff, sniffle, sniff, and then made a face. Stinky puppy, apparently.

I personally think Caleb was checking her flavor. ;)

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