Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time goes on...

It's been a year, and I still miss her so much. She was everything a Shepherd should be, balanced in mind and body. OFA excellent, too. She loved to show, she loved to work - everyone there was clapping and oohing and ahhing for her. She would hit that ring like a house on fire; and throw her legs out and grin. She loved it. When they tell you, "Show dogs show because they love to show off..." if she could drive, that would have been her bumper sticker.

I thought of her today, at work. One of my customers walked in and asked for nail polish for dogs. I laughed and said I just used to use mine on my Shepherd, no issues. Ali was sitting there one day watching me paint my nails at the kitchen table, and I said, "Put your paw up, I'll paint yours." (I was kidding.)

Darn if she didn't put her paw on my knee and wait there as I painted every nail. Then the other paw, and when we went in to class that night, she was busy handing her paw to everyone she met just so they could admire her toenails. No lie. My trainer just stood there and eyed us and said, "Wait, is she wearing nail polish? Wait, do you have matching nail polish, hahah! What did you two do, girls night out?"

I said, "Yeah, we sat up all night, watched movies, and talked about boys."

After that, the minute I would sit down with a bottle of nail polish, there she was, waiting her turn.

She was a great dog. I think all my show dogs will compare to her. If one of them has a quarter of her attitude, I'm good to go.

On a totally unrelated note, they had a live chicken on Good Eats. Simon took one look at that and went running at the TV, staring at it. He's still confused, and I think he's trying to herd that chicken back out of the TV and into the pen where it belongs.


manymuddypaws said...

she looks amazing!!!

and too funny about Simon and the Chicken...

Cibo said...

I miss Ali too :( <3 And wait wut, she wore NAIL POLISH?? that's a hoot! XD

Shep said...

Aw, thanks... she really was a lovely, lovely dog. In her prime, she was a showstopper; but she was also a good natured, wonderful dog - pretty darn rock solid. If I could be guaranteed another one just like her, I'd get another Shepherd, but... I really love the Cardis, they're wonderful dogs. Sawed off Shepherds. ;)

Yep, she did. XD For a while, when we were doing agility and obedience, she did. Then I stopped wearing it for a while. ;)

Hey, what can I say; my girl, she was a fashion queen, thank you.

I realized it had been a year yesterday, just one of those things. Forgot my birthday until Matt reminded me, remembered when Ali passed. Priorities. ;)