Friday, April 3, 2009

Dis Wubba....

Is mine. Get your own Wubba.

It's funny, I never had a hoarding Shepherd. I mean, even when I had four Shepherds in the house, they all politely shared their toys with each other. If you gave four dogs a bone, they happily went to the corner and ate their bones, each dog knew that they had a bone. It was fair, to each have a bone. If they got up to get a drink, they came back to find their bone still where they had left it.

Corgis? Not so much. Four bones means that one dog wants all the bones. They hoard them like little stubby dragons on treasures, breathing fire at any other dog that thinks about approaching their space. There's no growling, just an angry if looks could kill eyeball.

I don't put up with hoarding here, and they know it, but it's hilarious that even after all this time one of them will try. They know that they're not allowed to keep all of them. After me going, "uh uh, share," that dog will sadly, sorrowfully move off the treat to let everyone have one, while looking at me just in case I happen to change my mind.

Now, that said, Simon and Caleb are happily sharing a hoof together. I guess that body part just isn't the same as those lovely, lovely beef bones.

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