Thursday, April 9, 2009


Went riding today, and it was a good ride. My mare's getting way more responsive under saddle; now it's my turn to get way more responsive on top of it, poor girl. We did get a couple of good stops in, where I just shifted my weight and sat back in the saddle, said "whoa" and she halted without a touch on the reins. She's just a lovely, lovely horse, wow.

Caleb sat with me in the barn (tied on his lead) for a while and played with a tuft of horse-hair. He's such a goof. He has no fear of the horses, so I'm trying to teach him respect for her - just to make sure he doesn't think going close to any of her hooves is intelligent. She likes dogs, and I never let my dogs run loose at the barn or around the horses, but better to be safe than sorry if something were to accidentally happen.

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