Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Dad, I'm tired... let's take a nap now, okay?

(Note: Caleb is busted right now. He's on a lead, because he figured out something at work again - again, unlike all of my other dogs who never have been this clever. He figured out how to get through the cat door in the back room, and one of the employees had just put down a can of cat food and the dry food bowl. I noticed he'd teleported because Simon was moaning miserably with his head stuck in the cat door, watching Caleb chow down on cat food. Needless to say, this evening he is ah, 'jet propelled' and on the leash because I don't trust him not to sneak and potty under the kitchen table.

... it's a good thing he's cute. Otherwise, I bet corgi tastes a lot like chicken. Or alligator. Let's go with that, mister sharpyteeth.)

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