Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Warmin' up!

It's been pouring rain here for the last few days - today was the first day where it was actually dry and sunny for a minute. I keep hoping it will clear up a little just so that a) the arena isn't soup, and b) that I can go run the dogs on the back trail without Corgis being coated in mud. Simon has lost a fair amount of weight and toned up, but I'd like to see him do a little more...

I really need to go buy myself a good blower for drying the dogs. I had one, but I left it it back at the kennel when we moved out of that building. Sigh. Anyone out there have a good blower they can recommend at this point? Simon's coat is so thick, drying him is an all day experience without one.


dreameyce said...

Ask Sarah of Hurrikane what she suggests. Whatever dryer she uses on the dogs, I *WANT!* She'd bathe them, then be right back in, with DRY dogs.

I don't have a working dryer now, so play the towel, sit in the bathroom to dry, and then towel again game. Makes baths a HUUUUUUGE chore with 4 dogs!

Shep said...

I ended up with a two-speed Double Kdryer, as suggested by my groomer; she got me a deal on it that I can't refuse, the only deal is that I'm NOT allowed to bathe Riley. XD Riley has to go to her, because he's her special, perfect, boy.

I'm okay with that. I also ended up buying a 42" grooming table, so hopefully, I'll be ready to go after this weekend, whee! Which is good, Caleb cannot stay out of the dam**** pond, and he smells like dead goldfish, which is weird, because all the goldfish are very much alive! ;)